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TRIZ for the development of link directories

The Internet is probably one of the most important inventions of the last century. For many, life without internet is no longer conceivable. With the help of the Internet you get a lot of information from around the world, from all subject areas and at any time in any place.

To find the right information you can use a search engine, but you can also go to a link directory. Here you will have the better overview. Since search engines find only a few interesting links but sometimes a lot of information which is worthless for you, it is better to go at once to a directory, which will show you everything you look for in a short time.

With the help of a link directory you can find the necessary information faster, easier and simpler than with a search engine.
Step by step you go to the wanted information. There is no information about other areas. Only the information you look for will be presented to you.  Certainly you have also a search function for your comfort.

TRIZ - Innovative problem solving in technical fields   

In the development of new innovative products, researchers and manufacturers are constantly faced with a number of technical problems for which it is necessary to find a solution. In connection with the solution of technical problems frequently drops the term TRIZ. TRIZ was also used for the development of link directories.

TRIZ is the Russian acronym for " Teoria reshenija izobretatjelskich zadacz " and is loosely translated as : "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving " . Already in 1946 the methodology of Saulovich Genrich Altshuller was launched. It was created by the sighting of 200,000 patents, from which he selected those that seemed to describe it with technical breakthroughs. In a closer analysis of this, he recognized three essential principles:

Altshuller developed from the TRIZ method - a unique approach to solving problems. This TRIZ method does not try to optimize the compromise, but to resolve the contradiction. TRIZ is based on an analysis of comparable technical problems and provides a systematic approach to developing new, innovative products.